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Monday, October 3, 2011

Art or Science? Geology!

Arte o Scienza ('Art or Science') is a photographic contest supported by the University of Trieste. It aims to build awareness of scientific culture and promotes the relationship between Art and Science.
Building on the success of the previous editions, the 2011 competition featured numerous entries and diverse themes. Geology had a pervasive role: 2 artworks by Bernardo Cesare were exhibited at giant size in Trieste (Italy)! 

A petrographic photograph of Bernardo Cesare, exhibited at large size in the roads of Trieste. For a more detailed analysis of Cesare's creative process, check out his interview.
A granulite in all its magnificence!
Besides the gigantic petrographic photographs, other geologic photographs were selected and exhibited at the Art Hall of Trieste (Sala Comunale d'Arte).

I tried my luck with this close-up: it's tectonic art!
Waiting for the 2012 edition, it is possible to see the scientific photographs at Scienzartambiente (Pordenone, Italy, 12-16 October 2011).

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