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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Music, Animation and...Paleontology!

I Am a Paleontologist!

The "Geology in Art" blog comes with a New Year special!
On the heels of the Grammy winning “Here Come the 123s” They Might Be Giants have created a new album of songs related to science. The song "I am a Paleontologist" shows the combined potential of music and animation in teaching paleontology. Enjoy it!

Paleontologists are Punks!

"I am a Paleontologist" is a must for punkster kids! For the grown up, there are Bad Religion. In the 1989 song "No Control" Bad Religion quoted James Hutton, one of the founders of modern geology: "We find no vestige of a beginning, no prospect of an end". Check the live below or watch here the lyrics:

It is worthwhile to note that the lead singer of Bad Religion is a lecturer of Paleontology and Life Sciences at UCLA. And he continues to rock!

Little Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are the most powerful paleontological mythology in our times. For this reason it is difficult to discern genuine "paleontologic" songs from paleontologic interferences in art. This is the case of Jonathan Richman's "I'm a Little Dinosaur".

Check out the electro-pop version authored by Monja Enana. Are you ready to go to Sevilla?