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Friday, May 10, 2013

Geology&Art: the exhibit!

In collaboration with Antonio Alberti and the University of Trieste, I organized  “Geologia&Arte” (Geology&Art), exploring the aesthetic diversity of geological art. The exhibit is based on accurate reproductions of geoartistic artworks, ranging from Renaissance paintings to modern microphotographs.
Featured artists include Philippe Salmon, Ian Barrett, Alexandre de Barde, Giotto di Bondone, Leonardo da Vinci, Bernardo Cesare, Licio Tezza, Charles Knight, Heinrich Harder, Fredric Church, Thomas Cole, Carl Spitzweg, George Victor du Noyer and Chris Drury.

Although “Geologia&Arte” represents a first glimpse in the world of geoart, the exhibit has met great success, being appealing both to geological and artistic thinkers. For this reason, I hope to improve the exhibit in the future, covering more artists and more media. There is whole geoartistic universe to explore!