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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Record of Life

Owen Gatley and Luke Jinks authored a nice short movie: "A Record of Life". What is it about?

Triceratops, Volcano, Iguanodon. Shark, Jellyfishes, Buffalo.
"A Record of Life" isn't all about geology, but it deals also with biology and the diversity of present-day life.
You might ask: 'Is it about Earth Sciences or Life Sciences?' This does not matter. Indeed the fossil record is a crucial proof of evolution and explains the diversity of the present-day biological world. Earth Sciences and Life Sciences are connected through paleontology.

Equations, Diagrams, Charts.
'A Record of Life' celebrates the diversity of life through science. Indeed the visual space is filled with objects derived from scientific papers and field notebooks. All on a very physical paper-like texture. 
Owen Gatley and Luke Jinks seem to suggest that science is a coherent language to describe the beauty of the natural world. Furthermore, the final metaphor (a man which dives in...well, watch the movie!) seems to express where we come from: evolution, as recorded by the geologic record.